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Happy Meeple community / Daily Quest Restart
« on: 27/07/21, 04:41am »
I don't like the Daily Quest restarting when I'm about to finish it! I don't usually pay attention to the time remaining. Why can't players who didn't finish get an extension? Maybe an extra hour if they are taken unawares? Or at least give people partial credit. It makes me feel like I have wasted my time when I get cut off unexpectedly.

You'd think I'd learn, but I honestly don't play on here consistently enough for it to sink in (pay attention to when goals restart). I like playing here, but eventually one of the numerous problems with the site drives me away for a while. I'm glad things are progressing, but more needs to be fixed/ made more user-friendly.

At the very least, can you please, PLEASE, have a warning appear when time is running out? I would say make the warning appear when there is only one hour left, and make it stand out so players can't miss it. I would greatly appreciate it!

The great thing is that my suggested change (which probably won't go anywhere, but hey, no harm in talking about it) would still allow you to weigh those odds. The difference is that you would be deciding whether to use a mallet to get a possibly better outcome rather than being forced to use it because your result has no possible plays.

I really like Raging Bulls, but there is a serious problem with the game. It seems to be affected by chance more than other games. It feels unfair to get a terribly low score on a game just because I threw a series of bad rolls. I mean, even RISK isn't that bad. You can recover from a few bad rolls on that. With Raging Bulls, three bad rolls ends your game.

I just really wish that instead of forcing you to use a mallet, a roll that resulted in no numbers matching available posts would produce an automatic reroll.

Wouldn't that be more fair?

If you want a solo game with no time limit and no stress, then you can play in training mode.
Interesting thought, Kristin. I never considered the time limit as an actual feature of the solo game; the time given is really too much to present a real challenge.
What if there were an option for solo games where less time was given, making them more challenging? Rapid Response Solo!

Undos are very hard to program as they add an extra layer of complexity.

If that's the case, then Cartographers should instead have a Preview function. This would allow a player to place a piece, see how it affected their score based on the operative rules during that game, and have a chance to place it differently before they commit.

More than any other game on here, this game desperately needs a re-do function. There are games where numerous special rules are in effect and an accidentally misplaced piece can cost you the game (just happened to me). This is stupid. In a real board game, you would simply fix it as soon as you realized. An in-person opponent isn't going to say, "No way! You can't shift it at all!" without sounding like a real piece of work. No one wants to play with people like that.

So, there should be an option to lift a just-placed piece and place it elsewhere.

    Seriously, who's it gonna hurt? (No one. Except the trolls.)
    • And how many people will it make happy? (Every one who needs to use it, which will probably be anyone who plays numerous games.)
    • And it won't change the rules. It will only make the game more playable, like a real board game.

    And isn't that what we all want here?

Happy Meeple community / Food Cost for Drawn Game?
« on: 02/04/21, 08:28pm »
I have been getting an awful lot of draws on here lately. Now, I will ignore my first irritation (that the draws are even possible, or so easy to have happen; imo, a solid game makes a drawn match difficult and has numerous tie breakers). Getting a Draw game is, in the first place, disappointing. But then Happy Meeple forces both players to suffer the full food cost (usually, as I'm sure you all know by now, the winner of a game gets a food bonus). This simply adds insult to injury. Not only do you not win, you also get NO food back.


The easiest fix, imo, is to give a few extra food to both players. Then they won't both walk away so ticked off.

Cartographers / Why is there no tie breaker?
« on: 23/03/21, 10:00pm »
Tie breakers. All complex board games have them. Why doesn't this one? A tied game is the bane of every true strategist. Many consider a loss better than a draw. There are so many options here.
  • The easiest tie breaker would be used space. Whoever has the fewest open squares left wins.
  • Another possibility is coins. Whichever player amassed the most during the game wins.
  • Finally, there's the sum total of all goals. Who's highest in all four categories combined?

Why am I being penalized for leaving a game with a bot? This makes no sense.

I can understand that if everyone had games left open indefinitely, it would cause problems. But I doubt many people would do it. And you could always have a limit. Say, 10 that can be open endlessly at a time. After that, other people are warned that due to all the open games, their time will be limited.

But short of that, is it really too much to ask for more time? If not 20 minutes, why not at least give us 15?

Happy Meeple community / Re: About resignation
« on: 11/03/21, 08:56pm »
A very well-thought-out post by...Happy Meeple. (Feels like there should be a name there, but maybe it was a joint effort. Or is it just posted thus to signify it's official nature?)

I think it would be nice if we could personalize our account by indicating how open to an early resignation we are. Then each player could easily look at someone's profile to check. E.g. Resign whenever you wish/ Please only resign if you really feel you can't win/ Please try to finish the game.

Is there any kind of reward for upgrading all of your houses? At some point, there should be special map features that can be unlocked.

Why is there even a time limit for playing a single-player game? I just lost my game because I had to do something and returned slightly too late. Is it a matter of bandwidth? If so, can you please at least consider extending the time? Would 20 minutes be too much? I feel like less than ten is inadequate sometimes.

The whole reason I play the 1-player games is because they are less stressful, as in I don't need to worry about time as much. If you could provide a little more time, it would make the games much more playable, especially for those of us splitting our time between other online activities.

Cartographers / Re: Time controls
« on: 24/11/20, 10:02pm »
Having a fixed time per game for each player might not work, since random variables can cause games to go on longer than usual (I've played a game on Finito that lasted more than 10 minutes because the dice would not roll certain numbers. However, I do think that the time per turn should be modified to fit each game.

Burbot, Abbot, Phlebotomist, and Botcher are my favorite suggestions from Crapi Z. The others are more obscure. Can we please use them? Preferably in the place of Bot-Dog (which I've always hated), Ghbost (really? who made this one?), Botox, and Botiful.

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