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Jeff M, thanks for your suggestion to turn off hardware acceleration in my browser. This does seem to have reduced how often i experience the issues in Firefox (which keep returning) - however it did not work at all for Edge.

However, nothing seems to resolve the issue (like Maria W has) with freezes post game where I unable to scroll up or down on the end game screen.

After having this problem for a couple of weeks now and I think I have found a solution for this (see bottom of post).

It has been driving me crazy. I haven't been able to get Happy Meeple working on Firefox or Edge and as mentioned pereviously I avoid Chrome. I installed Vivaldi all worked OK but was not an ideal workaround as I don't want another browser just for Happy Meeple.

The issues I was experiencing on Firefox (and Edge) were:
1) Clicking on the Market, Castle and Gold icons would open a blank window (which would usually contain the options available in these areas)
2) Some games (especially solo ones like Hex and Raging Bulls) would get stuck on the loading screen with the coloured meeples
3) Freezes post game and unable to scroll up or down on the end game screen (no scroll bar on the right hand side of the window)
4) On the Map I can select to move buildings, but left clicking in an available space does not place them

Solution that worked for me for Firefox:

1. On the left of the box in Firefox where you enter website addresses, there is a shield icon. It was blue on my system to show 'Enhanced Tracking Protection' was on.
2. I clicked on the blue shield and toggled the blue check box to turn off 'Enhanced Tracking Protection'
3. Logged out and restarted browser

Now all is working ok. Can anyone else confirm if this works for them too? It definately does for me (turning Enhanced Tracking Protection back on breaks the site again on my system).

Now if anyone has any ideas for Edge? As Edge is now Blink/Chrome based I would have thought would work ok as Vivaldi & Opera do). I have turned off 'Tracking Prevention' and it doesnt seem to make any difference.


I am experiencing the freezes post game and cannot scroll up or down on the end game screen (no scroll bar on the right hand side of the window). I have to go back to the main menu and work from there.


I'm having a similar issue with Firefox on Win 10. It seems to occur most often when i am selecting a solo game (Hex and Raging Bulls) that it gets stuck on the loading screen with the coloured meeples. After several attemps I can usually get past this but it is frustrating. I have also had issues placing buildings too.

Works ok on Firefox on my Android mobile though which is strange. Can't check with Chrome as i refuse to install it  ;D

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