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Happy Meeple community / New bug?
« on: 17/06/22, 08:57am »
I've played here for several years.  I've never seen this problem before.  This morning it happened in two different games.

The bug:
The game would not let me place a piece.  In the first game it happened, I quickly refreshed the page and was then able to place the piece.

In the second game it happened, I refreshed the page multiple times (4? 5? 6?).  But it still would not allow me to place my piece.  It wasn't like an ordinary disconnect.  In the disconnects I'm used to, I can not send messages in the chat.  But during this problem, I had no difficulty sending chat messages to my opponent.    In the second game, I was never allowed to place that piece, and eventually the game timed out.  It gave me a loss due to "Inactive player" - not disconnection.

I don't know what to make of this.  As stated above, in several years of playing here, I've never seen this before.

Did something change recently?

Happy Meeple community / Disconnects are infuriating
« on: 26/05/22, 04:06am »
I had just started a game - Carto (which costs 11 food).  I was able to play my first 2 pieces, but on the 3rd piece, I began getting the message... 
Trying to reconnect
Trying to reconnect
Trying to reconnect

over and over

I tried sending a message in the chat, hoping that would spark a connection.
Just got error messages.

When it got to about 10 seconds left on the clock, I tried refreshing the page.
 That did reconnect me, but it took me out of the game and put me in the loading screen you see at the beginning of the game.

The game was lost.
The opportunity to play the game was lost.
The rating points were lost.
The 11 food was lost.

This is horribly frustrating.
There must be some better way the site can handle these little temporary disconnects.
I've never seen this problem on another site.

Why does it happen here?
Have you tried anything to fix this?

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