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Hugo, we are talking about the ranking list.

Thanks Marlene for the heads-up! And sorry for not replying earlier.

Anybody else agreeing?

Today there are 5 people at the top of the ranking. Is it possible that it is always the same 5 people there, players that do all quests every day? Then it would give the impression that nothing changes.


I am afraid the answer is no. Sorry.


Cartographers / Re: Best Great City
« on: 02/07/21, 11:29am »
That's a great great city!!!

Simply amazing!!!


We have made a small change to the code today. Hopefully this will improve the situation.
Please let us know immediately if anything goes wrong.

If the issue is not resolved, can you please answer these questions?

1) Does it happen only after rotating or flipping a tile, or even when using the piece in its original configuration?
2) Does it happen only with certain pieces?
3) Most importantly does it always happen after validating (meaning it is the click on the button that triggers the piece shift) or also before validating the move?

I fully understand how undos can be useful and I feel your pain too.

There is just one tiny problem. Undos are very hard to program as they add an extra layer of complexity. It is a bit like multiplying by 2 the complexity of the interface. Maybe not quite 2x but a lot. You can't imagine the number of bugs we corrected in HexRoller (because of the undo added complexity) to get things right in the end. For that game, it was more like 3x, 4x actually.

Nothing has changed Carl.

We never tweak probabilities or make our bots cheat. And I don't expect we will ever.

Making the bots cheat is tempting as it makes the programmer's job easier.

But changing rolls so that weird things happen in the last few rolls. What's the point? We have other things to bother :)

The penalty that we could remove is the small one that prevents you from playing again immediately if you left an online game. I am not even sure it is there actually in that case. It is likely that we take care of that special situation.

The rating penalty can't obviously be removed for the reason explained by Mike A.

If you want to play against the bot in a more relaxed way, please use the training mode, which is perfect for this.

If you want to play for rating, you have to accept that a disconnection will lead to a loss of points. There is no other way to do it or our rating system would soon become meaningless.

Cartographers / Re: Why is there no tie breaker?
« on: 25/03/21, 11:14am »
Yes. That was an oversight. We never looked at the tie-breaker for Cartographers.

We can't really change it now.

As this tie-breaker is not really something you can take into account much during the game, it is not a big deal.

You have been heard. Now we have so many other things to do.

Hopefully, we'll find the time some day. It's not an absolutely trivial thing to do that's why it has not been done yet.

We are probably not consistent with the rounding. Somewhere we round down, somewhere we round to the closest integer.

Sorry about the minor issues that it sometimes causes. We never took the time to look at that closely.

Happy Meeple community / Chat appropriate behaviour
« on: 17/02/21, 01:51pm »
Hello all,

I have just banned a player from chatting for a month. He was extremely aggressive (with a slow player), then insulting.

We cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour and his account will be closed if he does the same again.

Please rest assured that we will keep Happy Meeple a happy place, a friendly community.

Please do not make us waste our time on this kind of things. We have more important things to do, like improving the platform or adding new games.

Does it work on Opera on the same machine?

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