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Bug: cards not shown in hand cards

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Iris S.:
I forgot to attatch the text file. Here it is.

Jimmy V.:

I have been able to compare your logs with normal logs and found the issue.

I first noticed that the reshuffling took ages (9s compared to 2.8s on my machine) and later found out that this was the root of the issue (due to very bad programming). We usually check that an animation is finished before starting the next one. But for Siberia Card, this was not the case in this particular instance. So because your reshuffling was very long, we dealt the card to you before the reshuffling was completed. So your missing cards were probably back in the deck in the end.

I had noticed the issue at the time of checking the programmer's code (before SC was released) and had even written a note about it. But I did not go as far as to correct the code. I will now do it. Unfortunately, this won't be in the next 7-10 days. So please be patient! Or use a faster machine in the meantime (maybe Chrome browser will be faster).

Thanks for all you have done! Very much appreciated.

To thank you, I have put you under Magic Potion for the next 3 weeks or so. Enjoy!

I will let you know when the bug is corrected!


Iris S.:
thank you for the update and thank you for the magic potion!
I'm so glad you found the root of the problem! I started to think it was black magic that only happened to me and only on a full moon.
I'll gladly wait for 10 days now that the mystery is solved :-)

Jimmy V.:
The bug is now corrected. Let us know if something wrong happens again!


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