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Is it a game with all open information, or does this game use a hand of cards?

Is it an abstract game?

Can you score more than 20 points?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Funagain enquiry
« on: 08/06/17, 05:05pm »
I haven't seen any recently. Sometimes I have a blank page when I need to get the 8 food

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Re: Achievements
« on: 19/04/17, 05:31pm »
I understand the achievement badges stop at "10", then how come when you win more than 10 in a row, I still get awarded achievements and points for it but it does not show up in the record??  <snip>
Would it be a big deal to add another badge in our record which shows our highest achievement beyond 10?
Where are these badges displayed? When I get a "New achievement!" notification and click on it, I see the badge for that one achievement in the popup window, but I don't find my badges displayed anywhere else and/or in a grouping. Are they shown somewhere?

Click on the green die on the menu. Pick a game, then at the bottom is a button "Achievements

Does it work in another browser?

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 14/04/17, 09:46pm »
Is there a way at the final score show which player gets the two extra points as well as a reminder through out the game. Sometimes I forget if I was first or second.

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 28/03/17, 12:34am »
Thanks for pointing out that the rules link were not working. This is now corrected. Please see your one-to-one chat with me so that I can credit you with 200 gold coins as a thank you.

There is no plan for 3-4 player games, no. We concentrate on quick-playing 2-player games. Thanks for asking!


I sent you a chat box. Thanks!

Glastonbury / Re: New game: Glastonbury
« on: 23/03/17, 04:26pm »
Are you planning for 3 and 4 player games? Also, could you choose a color?

Edit: The rules for Glastonbury are not up yet also

The Original USA is best with the expansion and the inclusion of bigger cards is a plus.

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