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Christmas giveaway - Find the name of our next game

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Jimmy V.:
Not Jorvik!

Laurent A.:

Is the name starting by a first half alphabet letter ( I mean A to M ) ?


Neil S.:
Is it Lancaster?


Guest 123468 :
Is it Glastonbury?

Jimmy V.:
And the winner is Guest123468!

Indeed our next game will be Glastonbury, a very nice set-collection game where you play the role of wizards trying to gather ingredients for their cauldron.

Wizard moves around a 6x6 grid to pick ingredient cards. Those cards do 2 things: 1) they are useful to score points as ingredients need to be collected and 2) the ingredient value indicates the number of squares you will move next time. So sometimes you will be able to pick a good ingredient but that will lead you to the wrong place for next move. This is the basics of the game, but a few other extras make it even more fun.

We look forward to releasing Glastonbury. At that point, the game is working on our machines and I could even play it online for the first time with the publisher yesterday. Now we have to start working on the Artificial Intelligence. It is always the most difficult part.

See you soon! Congratulations to our winner! And thanks to all who helped find the game. That was fun!


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