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Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 15/01/17, 03:26am »

Lost Cities / Best of 3?
« on: 15/01/17, 03:22am »
In the real life game the scoring is a running total of 3. That removes some of the element of luck.

Would it be possible to have that at least as an option here along with summary of each round scores at the end? Your competitor has this along with better community. I prefer the user interface here though except for the lack of replay options that the other one has implemented ok (to fast forward takes too long so not perfect).

I posted here about Happy Meeple. I put in my referral link to hopefully get more gold ;)

I've added to the above post what I mean by meeple so it's more clear.

Does clicking on the meeple next to the greeting do anything besides increment the meeple number? That's how we can recognize and hopefully start a new tradition I guess?

Sometimes after I put  a table down and someone has sat down but before the actual game starts it says "match cancelled". How does that occur?

Sounds like a good idea.

Yeah I've been having freeze issues.

Playing on latest version of Chrome browser.

What is the best way to send private messages? Apparently if you use the in game chat (the speech bubble icon next to the heart icon) it only pops up if you play a game with them. Otherwise it doesn't show up.

Does PM via the forum show up on Daily News?

Gold, Magic potion / Re: Possible to gift gold?
« on: 05/01/17, 09:34pm »
Ok thanks for the prompt response.

Please make it a feature.

Is there a trello board or something to organize feature requests?

Gold, Magic potion / Possible to gift gold?
« on: 04/01/17, 04:20pm »
as per subject line.

I have used this feature. It works well.

Tips, polls, updates / Limit table by ELO ratings
« on: 03/01/17, 11:05pm »
We can limit tables by link, friends and selected friends. Can we also limit by ELO rating?

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