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Bug. Replay with the same opponent


Jimmy V.:
It seems that using the "Replay with the same opponent" button leads to disconnection.

Did you notice this? Does it happen all the time?

Geraldine M.:
It has only happened once to me, but I don't use that button often.

I thought it was just because my opponent was a guest who had joined via a link, rather than a user with a HM account.

Florian K.:
It didn't happen to me for now. I also didn't use this possibility often, so it may just be luck.
I hope you can fix it though.

Jamie A.:
I found the feature/option problematic, "Replay with the same opponent" (or maybe now it's "Play again with same opponent")

As in Geraldine's case, I was playing with a guest who'd come in via link, however when it gave me the option I expected it to work. That did not seem to happen, at least not intuitively.

The guest ended up back on the initial Welcome screen. I landed in the Inn holding a table, which blinked that it was via link, but it never showed me the link so my only option was to play with a bot.

Was the guest supposed to go back to their email and click on the old link to come in again? What was supposed to happen here?

Thanks for any assistance.


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