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POLL: Do you use the chat icon in the inn tables?


Jimmy V.:
Hi all,

The chat icon on the inn tables lets you open a chat with the player sitting on the table.

Do you use it?

If not, we will get rid of it and save the screen space.

Dav D.:
Hi Damian,

I don't use it, and I think I will not use it very often.
Still, they are good ! Maybe they can appear as a popup on the nickname, so you the link is there without occupying space on the chat rooms ?

Nice job for the site.

Hugo M.:
I like this chat-option because it lets me quick open a specific chat to look for the recently conversation, rereed previous answers, look if I've met this player before or open via the chat history quick a chat for a new conversation. It saves (a little bit) time for opening the players profile and starting there the chat window.

Mini Gamer G.:
I use it a lot


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