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Keltis the card game / Re: Strategy?
« on: 14/02/22, 02:35pm »

Not sure how to do a replay link (can you do that with training games?) but here is a screenshot of a recent one. I thought I had some pretty good paths but still end up running out of time (could have added the green end but needed to add two to the blue path). The big difference is pairs but I didn't have any without using the gray stones which I've found is bad strategy since the other person immediately takes them (of course!).

It's fine that you added me -- I think I figured it out but maybe not. Thanks for all your help and advice.

Keltis the card game / Re: Strategy?
« on: 11/02/22, 03:28pm »
That does actually help some -- especially the "swing" part. I am not really an "analyzer" as far as figuring out the best strategy. I just know that generally I will do the training mode multiple times until I feel I have a fairly intuitive idea of what I need to do and can win at least half the time. I have done that with other games (Siberia, Cartographer, LevelX, Glastonbury) and don't win every time but enough that I feel confident in my game play. For Keltis, even when I think I am doing well (lots of paired stones, long paths) I look at the score and I still lost. I keep trying different things but don't seem to feel that I'm "getting it". I understand not starting a path unless you can make at least 4, but a lot of times I start out with nothing to play so do I keep discarding (and then the bot has all the tiles) or place a beginning path hoping to get something to play on it? I've done that and sometimes it works and sometimes it backfires. I've tried putting my pairs out immediately and other times holding them back in case I need them for paths. I try not to put my gray ones on the pad but use them for paths but sometimes I have no alternative plays.
     I appreciate the help. I don't play against other players (I've had bad experiences in other online games) but may try as I think it would be more useful. How do I add you?

Keltis the card game / Strategy?
« on: 03/02/22, 01:49pm »
Is this game mainly luck of the draw or is there some strategy I am missing? I have played maybe a hundred games over the last couple of weeks (training only) and most games by now I may lose occasionally but I win pretty consistently but this game is completely random. I think I am doing pretty good and then look at the score and realize the bot still has twice as many points as me. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to put down and the bot is snatching all my discards and making huge paths. Other times I have lots of stones but no paths, or I concentrate on paths and still lose. I've tried making lots of shorter paths, one or two really long paths, more wishing stones, and it doesn't really seem to matter which strategy I use. What am I missing?

Thank you. I guess eventually I might get up the nerve to play against real people lol. I do enjoy being able to try out games before I buy them and bought several for Christmas after playing here (Mountain Goats, GPS, and Cartographers.)

I play in training mode which may be the issue. I've unlocked up to the blue bot in the games I am playing but cannot seem to get any further no matter how many games I play. It says you don't have to pay to unlock them (although I did in a couple of games) but ?? I see the "fast way" (which says I won 0/1 and I don't know what that refers to since I've won several games) and the slow way (which says I have 0% experience). It's OK, I can just keep playing the same 3 or 4 but I don't understand how it's supposed to work.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 02/12/21, 09:58pm »
I only play against bots. I am an introvert and don't really want to have to be sociable with strangers. I love sites like this because I can try out new games and learn how to play them, and then I buy them to play with my friends. I just bought 3 games because I enjoyed them here!

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