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Tips, polls, updates / Re: I Can't See Any Games
« on: 19/09/23, 11:34am »
Please read this thread. Your best bet for now is to use another browser.;topicseen#new

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Chrome issues
« on: 21/08/23, 06:12pm »
The issue is indeed with Chrome and the affected users get the following Javascript error:

Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a cross-origin frame.

This prevents the page to connect to our gaming server.

The message basically says that it does not allow the page to interact with an address that is not related to That is clearly not the case though. Our code has not been hacked. And our gaming server should be allowed.

I have no idea what is going wrong as I don't have the issue on my machine.

It might help if someone with the error opened the developer window (F12) and maybe find something useful there. I suspect there might be something in red somewhere to indicate a problem or maybe a warning somewhere in the console text. I can't see much on my end from the logs we receive.

In any case Chrome probably launched an update around the 6th of August leading to the error (added security?).

Happy Meeple community / Re: Server down?
« on: 24/10/22, 10:24am »
Back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Happy Meeple community / Re: Why am I banned?
« on: 13/07/22, 09:48am »
If you are the person I am thinking of, I have indeed written to you (wrong email).

Can you please write to us with your previous email and your new email so that we can make the change to your account and send you the relevant information.


I can certainly understand your frustration. It is very very annoying to lose a game because of a connection issue.

We have spent a lot of time trying to understand what is going on. We never noticed any clear reason during our many investigations.

We also wrote quite a few lines of code to try and improve what we thought could potentially go wrong. But nothing ever changed the stats.

The biggest improvement we did was to give the possibility to refresh the page. The game is then reloaded and usually the game can keep going then. However, even this major improvement did not seem to make much difference. The rate of abandonned/unfinished online games stays around 2.5%/3%. It seems to be the absolute bottom for now.

What you should know is that the game server has a session of 45 seconds. This means that you get disconnected from the gaming server after that time. The website sessions last much longer but for technical reasons related to the technology used, the gaming server has a shorter session length of 45 seconds. In practice, this means that after 45 seconds, the gaming server considers you gone and the game lost. For that reason, if you refresh the game page after 45s of disconnection, you will be redirected to the home page. I would therefore strongly advise you to refresh the page as soon as you suspect that something is not quite right.

We have started to work on a new gaming server with a more recent technology. We hope that this will make a difference. It is very likely that the current technology does not handle disconnection/reconnection very well. Unfortunately, that's out of our hands.

Happy gaming!

Tips, polls, updates / Re: List of updates
« on: 02/03/22, 06:15pm »
2022/03/02 Facebook share button

Sharing a news or a link on Facebook was not working anymore. It is now fixed.

Happy Meeple community / Support for those who suffer
« on: 27/02/22, 06:18pm »
Behind the horrible situation in Ukraine, it is democracy and freedom that is under attack.

We would like to express our support and solidarity for the Ukrainian people who suffer from the atrocious attack on their country. Ukrainian people are needlessly dying right now. It is feared that the situation may escalate further in the coming days, the fierce resistance of Ukraine possibly leading the Russian dictator to even more atrocities (which unfortunately he has proven many times to be capable of).

We sincerely hope that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible.

We would also like to express our support for the Russian people who suffer from an odious government. They cannot demonstrate against war (they are put in jail by police). They cannot know the truth (Facebook and Twitter are now closed in Russia and lying state media are not even permitted to use the word war). They cannot vote for opposition parties as these are harassed (and their leader poisoned). The money generated by the economy is stolen by a few. The Russian people already suffer now and will soon suffer more heavily from the war (thousands of young Russian soldiers already died sent as cannon fodder and economic sanctions will hurt the poorest the most with the currency, the Ruble soon worth very little).

At Happy Meeple, we value respect between citizens of the world more than anything else.

We sincerely hope that the free world will prevail over a few mad men.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Bug with closed tables
« on: 27/02/22, 05:50pm »
Anyone else observed this?

Matthias, what is a closed table for you? How do you open one?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: List of updates
« on: 24/02/22, 02:32pm »
2022/04/22 Paymentwall is removed

The payment methods provided by Paymentwall were not used much and now seem unreliable. We have decided to remove the option.

Keltis the card game / Re: Strategy?
« on: 13/02/22, 04:11pm »
Great points Stuart. Thx so much for your input!

Becky thx for raising the question. Very interesting. Maybe you could share the URL to one of your games (replay link) and let others comment on it. It would be a great way to use the feature. Everyone would learn.

Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 10/02/22, 08:57pm »
I have now modified the way Level X games are replayed. It means some changes in the code regarding animations. I have tested what I could and don't believe this will cause any bug, but if you see anything wrong with your Level X games, that's probably a consequence of this change. Please let me know ASAP if that happens.

In replay mode, dice grouping is now shown for the secondary player. You will therefore see that the 2 sixes were put in the same box in your game.

Now, was there a bug? That's another question. As I said above, let me know!

Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 10/02/22, 07:54pm »
Are you absolutely sure that the problem happened during the game? Or did you just notice it when looking/checking the replay?

I wonder if it is not simply a problem with the replay that does not show the dice grouping (movement) for one of the players (in that case, the program recorded that the 2 sixes were in the same group (box 4) making it 12 and thus not scoring the sixes, it is therefore possible that you did put the 2 sixes in the same box without realizing it and that the replay did not show you the problem).

Let me know!

Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« on: 10/02/22, 06:17pm »
Yes indeed. Thanks for reporting this. I have managed to reproduce it and have an idea what is going wrong. I'll delve deeper.

In the meantime, I'll give you 500 coins for helping us.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Statistics and high scores
« on: 10/02/22, 02:39pm »
I noticed that there are trainig matches included in the top rated list (e.g. in Raging Bulls).
Yes training matches are included. We considered offering online matches only high scores but decided against it in the end.

In Circle The Wagons dominates Verboten the whole top rated list! Maybe it'll be good to show only the best match of each player, although then the humans don't will be get the appreciation they deserve.
Yes I have thought of that, but then the database queries becomes much more complicated and most importantly much slower. It was already a struggle to display all these stats in a reasonably short time (below 0.4s for each table).

I am a little bit confused about the sorting order of the "latest top rated matches": Is this chronological? Because (e.g.) in Level X there is a 1928 rating
between several eighteenhundreds. The dates are only given in months/years.
Yes chronological. Last matches on top.

In Level X the highest rating range group in the average scores includes over 18000 matches! Is it possible to subclassify them further?
Unfortunately, there has been very few (86 matches) between players over 1900. That's why we don't display it. We stop displaying information when there are fewer than 500 matches for statistical significance.

Last but not least: I wondered when I changed to the new statistics that there not opened a new browser tab like in the callenges-ranking lists of Ranging Bulls - when I closed the tab Happy Meeple was gone ... Maybe it's why there is the ability to replay the matches?
Yes maybe opening a new tab would be better. Not sure. It is easy to come back to the platform anyway so I don't think it is a big deal. If we open a new tab, it leads to other issues, like having two tabs with Happy Meeple pages.

Thanks for your nice words. Nice to read that you enjoyed these stats and high scores.

Tips, polls, updates / Statistics and high scores
« on: 07/02/22, 08:16pm »
The following text has just been published in the "List of updates" thread. I am copying it below to open a new thread on the specific subject.

Please feel free to comment and help us improve on it!

2022/02/07 Statistics and high scores

You can now see a list of statistics and high scores for all games.

- average scores (per player position and rating range)
- average win rates (per player position and rating range)
- high scores
- high losing scores
- low winning scores
- top rated matches
- latest top rated matches

For all tables, when a minimum rating is indicated, it means that both players must have this minimum rating for a match to be considered. So, for example, in the averages table, the row >1500 takes into account all games where both players had over 1500 at the start of the game.

Matches with the weakest bots have been excluded everywhere except in the averages table.

Some earlier matches (from 2012-2013-2014) were excluded because we did not record either scores or ratings.

You can have direct access to screenshots of the match as well as replays, provided they were recorded. Screenshots and replays were available from march 2018.

See here the stats and high scores for Cartographers:

I am sure this will answer many questions. Have fun with all this good data!

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