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Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 27/12/20, 02:39pm »
Hello everyone! I'm Ieta, from Derbyshire in the middle of the UK. I liked board games as a child, but really got interested in it when I discovered a board games club a mile from my house at the start of last year (alas, it will not re-open until the venue where it meets does, which means I last went in mid-March...) I don't have a particular favourite board game, but enjoy trying out new games - the club had several members who liked buying games from local shops, so there was always plenty of variety.

My favourites tend to be on either side of the scale - either largely based on luck (Dicey Goblins, Game of Life, Colour Addict) or strategy-heavy games (chess, Raiders of the North Sea, Century: Spice Road). I am also a fan of trivia-based board games, although there was one person at my club who was considerably better than me...

I also enjoy computer games. While I was ill with what turned out to be appendicitis late last year, I discovered Happy Meeple. It was really helpful during convaelescence, and even more so when the pandemic arrived. My favourite games here are Cartographers and Lost Cities, thouh I will happily play any of them.

My other hobbies are reading (fantasy, science fiction, just about any non-fiction book), swimming, running and studying.

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers
« on: 08/10/20, 09:30pm »
I enjoy it a lot too! As it may be a year before I get to return to my local board games club, it's lovely to see Happy Meeple finding nice ways of converting a variety of games into an online-playable format. Cartographers is a lot of fun, promises to have plenty of replay value... ...and from the number of games of it in the Inn, we may be looking at a second game (in addition to Lost Cities) that can usually be relied upon to have human opponent availability. Well done to everyone who helped make this possible!

Circle The Wagons / A Cautionary Tale
« on: 08/10/20, 08:30pm »
In Circle The Wagons, it is very important to pay attention. An example of this is at the very start of the game, just after one's opponent has selected the starting card.

Otherwise, one might accidentally select the last card in the circle by mistake, leading to the following amusing situation:

The postage stamp consisting entirely of the last card in the circle, by the way, was built by me. Nimphadora's town is so wondrous and prosperous that it is almost a city.

Those of you who wish to win games of Circle The Wagons, please learn from my example... ...and pick an early card in the circle when it is your turn  ;D

Level X / Re: Etiquette?
« on: 03/04/20, 09:34am »
The hand limit means anyone hoarding 10s and 9s will have problems with getting long runs in a particular expedition. There are counter-strategies that can sometimes be deployed, notably specialising in particular colours and trying to get long expeditions. Also note that you need a minimum of 3 cards to make a profit.

Unless you have specifically agreed otherwise in advance with a specific player in advance, you can play the cards however you find them :)

Gadita just beat me with an amazing green expedition and canny play elsewhere. They had 124, which beat my 98.

I think my lowest winning score was 6, which happened the 3rd time I played.

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