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Tips, polls, updates / Re: Tips
« on: 09/12/17, 01:52pm »

i like this site and most of the games
my tip to you ; what i see is most of the time there are no more than ca. 12 players online
this is because online games cost 10 to 12 food so you can only play 1 game online
and maybe after visiting one of the ad. sites 2 or 3
give players more food and more storage
getting people to your site is one thing, keeping them there is much more important.
most of the players are not willing to pay for gold/food.
more players visiting will sell more ads and earn you money.

keep it up

World, castle, market... / granary
« on: 04/12/17, 07:37pm »
does the Granary get older faster when u build it the next times ?

is it called Dominion ?

is the new game GWENT ?

Level X / Difference training vs online game
« on: 04/12/17, 02:56pm »
with training level x goes untill 3 rows are empty
with online play it suddenly stops  even when no row is empty

World, castle, market... / Wheatfield
« on: 18/11/17, 05:12pm »
how can you get more wheatfields ?

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