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Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« Last post by Marlene H. on 03/10/22, 05:14am »
Fantastic, Gary!
Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« Last post by Gary S. on 02/10/22, 06:35pm »
After 3757 games i finally completed broken road
Happy Meeple community / Re: Notifications on new posts
« Last post by Stuart L. on 31/08/22, 03:01am »
They will appear in green in The Daily Meeple section (and it's pretty rare, so it should be very easy to notice when there's a new forum message).
Happy Meeple community / Re: Notifications on new posts
« Last post by Jerman H. on 30/08/22, 08:26pm »
Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« Last post by Hugo M. on 30/08/22, 02:00am »
I just found a bonus/lucky card with 10 pieces of wood - thanks Happy Meeple!  :D
In the beginning I figured out (with help from others) that with a Grocery (6 pieces of wood) one's able to buy food in units smaller than 4 - a single food portion. (Not that a game will be cheaper itself.) I rarely have used this because mostly I can wait a few minutes until the counter reached zero and gave me a new unit or I took 38 coins at once.

What I really would enjoy: When it's been possible to buy magic food in portions smaller than one day! For example half a day or eight hours or four hours (or even smaller).
I rarely have time to play 24 hours at a strech (only when I got my first magic potion "1 day"-lucky card  ;D) so it would be really nice to use a grocery to buy small(er) units of magic potion for a few hours "excessive" play of single player games or a bunch of 'expensive' games (e.g. Carto).

Thanks for all the great games here!
Happy Meeple community / Notifications on new posts
« Last post by Jorge S. on 23/08/22, 05:14pm »
Hi folks!

I wanna get notifications on new forum threads, then what am I supposed to do? Can someone give me a hand?

Thank you for taking the time.
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Bug with closed tables
« Last post by Jamie A. on 26/07/22, 09:58am »
Am still interested in a reply from Admin here, isn't this a bug? It does sound like an unexpected result at best - most players would expect "play with a friend" to mean their own friends, the people on their own friends list. Also it sounds similar to this old report.
Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« Last post by Desi V. on 20/07/22, 10:40pm »
hi my name is desiderio vazquez, i live in cancun, i´m a teacher.
Happy Meeple community / Re: New bug?
« Last post by Kai W. on 18/07/22, 04:17pm »
I have this problem when i played from mobile. Every time, every match
Happy Meeple community / Too many chat messages ???
« Last post by Marlene H. on 18/07/22, 01:25pm »
I think the system might be a bit buggy at the moment. 

My opponent just sent a message, saying "Hello".  A few seconds later he timed out.  I think his page might have frozen. 

I sent him a message saying - "What happened?"

It did not appear in the chat window. 

Then a few seconds later I got a message from Happy Meeple saying:
"You have sent too many chat messages!"

I have sent many messages over the time I have played here. 
But, I have never seen that system message before. 

What gives?
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