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HexRoller / Re: Can't Complete Hexroller Challenge
« on: 30/08/21, 09:09am »
Ahh I see, thanks a lot Eddy! That really clears things up.

HexRoller / Re: Can't Complete Hexroller Challenge
« on: 30/08/21, 05:08am »
Hmm I'm still not seeing the other bonuses in subsequent rounds. The tutorial instruction even says "The other ones will be active at later stages", which looks to mean that it's unavailable for this entire tutorial game, which is what I'm seeing.

HexRoller / Can't Complete Hexroller Challenge
« on: 29/08/21, 11:45am »
I'm confused how I'm supposed to complete the tutorial challenge under Bonuses for Hexroller. It only allows me to use the "Place 2" Bonus, but it's asking me to use all bonuses. I tried completing it by using just the "Place 2" Bonus, but it said that I failed the challenge because I had unused bonuses. Am I missing something?

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