Author Topic: Color-blind helpers on all games?  (Read 15158 times)

Jimmy V.

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Color-blind helpers on all games?
« on: 16/03/18, 04:57pm »
Is there a need for color-blind symbols on all games?

For example, do you feel the need on Lost Cities cards?

Doug F.

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Re: Color-blind helpers on all games?
« Reply #1 on: 17/03/18, 07:47am »
As someone who is not colorblind but is certainly in favor of accessibility, I decided to play a few practice games to see if I found any possible issues and solutions in this area.  My observations are below.

Finito:  I don't think there is any issue here, the top board is on top and the bottom board is on the bottom.  I don't think any modification could be useful in this game.

Hanamikoji:  I tend to identify cards mainly by color in this game, but it would be possible, if more difficult, to identify them based on the card image also.  Also, I think the number symbols on the cards should be effective, and for 5 and 4 these would be sufficient, but I could see maybe using 3a, 3b and 2a, 2b, 2c, for example.

Lost cities:  While I identify cards mainly by color, and (I imagine) there wouldn't be any difference between the cards for someone with (a particular type of) color blindness, the sequential layout of the cards makes this much easier along with the fact that clicking on a card highlights the proper column for that card (which then must be clicked to play or discard it).  I don't know how symbols would fit on the cards here, but I might see a small layout change, maybe separate the cards in sections with something like  --   3 5  |  $ 9  |  2  |  -  |  $ 7 10
(Note that I didn't test Keltis card yet, but I assume it might be a similar case there)

Level X:  Here is where I noticed the greatest issue, not in the board colors or dice, but in the blue and green markers that move along the number tracks, and I think these could certainly benefit from color symbols, maybe something nice like a small meeple symbol on a player's markers and a bot or upside-down meeple on the opponent's markers.  I imagine that these could be very helpful.

I only briefly tried the very easy and easy games, in case I decide to look at the others I may post again.  Or perhaps someone who deals with color blindness could give feedback, that would be even better.  In summary, except for the specific issue with Level X, I think the color in the games provides beautiful flavor but is not essential to gameplay, though it may be helpful.  Also, this may be a case where it would be nice to have color blind helpers as a selectable option rather than automatically included, but if that's not possible I would say go ahead and include them.  Finally, I think it's great that this is under consideration.

Marlene H.

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Re: Color-blind helpers on all games?
« Reply #2 on: 07/03/19, 10:32pm »
I find it very difficult to distinguish the blue from the green markers that we move around the board.  This is more of a problem at night than during bright daylight.  But at night, it's brutal.

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Re: Color-blind helpers on all games?
« Reply #3 on: 23/04/19, 07:03am »
I am quite color blind.  There are two games where I have major problems.  I have great difficulty in telling the difference between forest and mountains in Circle the Wagons. But the worst, by far, is Glastonbury.  Every one of those pawns is a weird shade.  I have no idea when I am playing either yellow or green.  The most significant help -- without recoloring the pawns into more discernible shades would be to let me choose mycolor.  Oddly, I would choose red among the current ones, even though red-green is my main color issue.  Those pale ones don't look like any color I know.  Another problem is the  ingredients that are color-coded to your pawns-- forget it.   I have to burn one of the dumb peek-at-my- holdings spells every game to memorize the two card types that I can score double for.  So, it would also help to have some place where the ingredients desired for each player were accessible without burning a peekaboo spell.

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Re: Color-blind helpers on all games?
« Reply #4 on: 08/05/21, 06:44am »
Yes, I think there needs to be color blind helpers in all games. I am partially colorblind myself and it’s sometimes hard to tell the colors apart in cartographers; I get the farmland and villages mixed up and sometimes the forests.