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I've finished the Raging Bulls Shed Training multiple times, isolating all bulls, and selecting the bull shed. The game then tells me, "Challenge Failed! Shed not built. undefined." I don't know WTF that means. I picked a shed. I finished the challenge. There's absolutely no reason the PoS should be telling me the challenge failed.
Happy Meeple community / Re: For Christmas
« Last post by Jimmy V. on 16/12/21, 08:31pm »
It is not too late.
Cartographers / Re: Display issue with score
« Last post by Hugo M. on 12/12/21, 09:20pm »
Hello Jimmy, Sabine M. had a similarly problem. You may scroll up in the inn-chat (10.12. 2.52 p.m., in German).
Cartographers / Re: Display issue with score
« Last post by Jimmy V. on 12/12/21, 08:36pm »
NaN means Not a Number in IT. No idea why this came up. Anybody else ever seen this?
Cartographers / Re: Display issue with score
« Last post by Stuart L. on 11/12/21, 07:57pm »
"Not available Now"?   ???
Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« Last post by Becki M. on 02/12/21, 09:58pm »
I only play against bots. I am an introvert and don't really want to have to be sociable with strangers. I love sites like this because I can try out new games and learn how to play them, and then I buy them to play with my friends. I just bought 3 games because I enjoyed them here!
Cartographers / Display issue with score
« Last post by Gurrier on 30/11/21, 05:43pm »
My score breakout went weird in the summer round. The overall score at the end of each round was fine, but the breakout of what each goal scored was just NaN.
Cartographers / Re: Best Great City
« Last post by Gary S. on 30/11/21, 12:08pm »
Jo H with an amazing great city of 51
Happy Meeple community / Incredible Zatu offers (Cyber Monday)
« Last post by Jimmy V. on 29/11/21, 05:59pm »
I have just checked our partner's offers for Cyber Monday. I am not sure how they can offer these prices, but there are some incredible deals out there, like:
Wingspan at £34.49,
Terraforming Mars at £38.49,
or Great Western Trail at £26.99.

Cyber Monday
Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« Last post by Wm M. on 10/11/21, 09:15pm »
Just got 10 (with no chasm), so I'm pretty happy about that!

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