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Rankings, meeples and achievements / Draw
« on: 07/08/17, 10:56pm »
A draw is a tie.  It's net effect should be nill.  No gain, no loss.  No statistics should be altered by this outcome.  The formatting for these games is that you are punished for a draw.. your points are reduced, your ranking affected, your winning streak is wiped clean, you loose all the points required to enter a game.  The spirit of a "draw" is not viewed as such on this site.  Why is that?  I am sure there must be some reason... I hope there is a good reason...

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Achievements
« on: 09/06/16, 05:20pm »
I understand the achievement badges stop at "10", then how come when you win more than 10 in a row, I still get awarded achievements and points for it but it does not show up in the record?  Don't get me wrong, I love getting the points for it, makes it more interesting to play.. and I just won 15 in a row in Keltis woohooo!. which was really fun.. to see how high I could get before losing. 
Would it be a big deal to add another badge in our record which shows our highest achievement beyond 10?

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