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Thanks for creating a really nice game! Votes for the questions are below. You covered a lot of my feedback in those questions. I didn't encounter any bugs so far (Windows 10, Chrome).

1 - It'd be nice (but not a big deal if not) to always see the goals
2 - Mild bias towards the suspense -- Thinking on this I realized I am usually aware of my special cards' score but only marginally aware of my opponent's. I can't imagine how much the game will change if I saw their score or if it will. I don't share the abandonment concern.
3 - At the moment - neutral
4 - Slightly annoying
5 - Works fine
6 - I don't play it on my phone - no feedback
7 - +1 for fixed positions for my board and score although I have now learnt to check first

Thanks again - the finish of the game is excellent!

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