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Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 20/05/20, 07:26am »
Congratulations, Senseidankclam!

Thank you Ab for running this event, and thanks to everyone for the great games.

Siberia the card game / Re: Siberia Deck Makeup
« on: 19/05/20, 01:25am »
The 5 investors are limited to one per resource. Same with the sellers. However, each player can have their own 5 workers, so a total of 10 are needed.

Siberia the card game / Re: Siberia Deck Makeup
« on: 18/05/20, 04:18am »
Thanks!  I had wondered this before as well.

FYI, I believe Stuart's message refers to all cards in the game.  The 5 investor, 8 seller, and 10 worker cards are the ones you use to show which investors, sellers, and workers you currently have in play.

Level X / Re: Etiquette?
« on: 03/04/20, 04:51pm »
I agree with Ieta C. Unless it is agreed ahead of time with a specific player, I would not feel bad about utilizing available strategies in any game. 

In Level X, it is a common strategy to hoard all of one number if possible (not just the 9's and 10's), and your opponent can displace you if they don't like it (obviously with a little help from the dice).

Happy Meeple community / Confirmation on Report Button
« on: 18/03/20, 07:20am »
Hello Happy Meeple team,

Is it possible to add a confirmation step after you click on the Report button?  I accidentally hit the report button instead of the back button on my phone while looking at someone's profile.
Sorry, Yen L!

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 10/12/19, 03:25pm »
I have been enjoying the game a lot!

I like that you can approach the game with different strategies to get points and different levels of risk. It is cool that all dice can be useful with the saw and the shed.  I think the mechanics work well.

I also like the challenges and the world records.

I do have one suggestion. In one game I had a call come in that I had to take (was playing on my phone).  This resulted in a time out/disconnect and I lost what looks like the maximum loss in ranking points (almost -70).  I don't know if it is hard to implement, but would it be possible to score the game at the current score if a player times out/disconnects?  Maybe subtract 3 points to account for having to use a mallet, so there is no incentive to time out instead of finishing the game.

Thanks again for a great game!


Raging Bulls / Bug in Raging Bulls
« on: 05/12/19, 11:37pm »
Hi Jimmy,

Here is a screenshot of the bug in raging bulls.  Bull and cow in top left corner are enclosed but still show as escaping in the score.


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