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Hello! I cant see your screenshot, but I remember same thing happened before, because your elo is something like 1499.9998 (because of the math behind the elo) and the interface shows 1500, which is the closest number (Im sorry I dont know how is the way to call this numbers in English) . If this is the case, you should get your meeple next time you win :)
(I just  realized 5 ppl said same thing in this thread last time it  was postes, as I remembered XD)

Raging Bulls / Invisible dice + bug?
« on: 31/05/20, 07:14pm »
Im playing raging bulls and I cant see the dice. If I take a screen shot (game screen shot, not phone screen shot) dice are visible.
Plus, am I getting it wrong or two cows one bull counts as one cow one bull?
I m sorry I cannot attach screenshot because its too large.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: 2-game ratings? Do you care?
« on: 05/04/20, 08:56pm »

Raging Bulls / Re: Raging Bulls Feedback
« on: 11/12/19, 11:22am »
I m having the same problem with connection issues. I knew a couple of years ago it could be solved by... Refreshing maybe? I trĂ­ed Refreshing on my phonr, but it did not work. Do you know how does it work now? Thank you!

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Forum issue solved
« on: 05/11/19, 02:00am »
Thanks for noticeing! And thanks to whoever told you abt the issue!! I hv been posting at the inn for a long time!!

Winning is winning, not losing is completely different. Wins in a row is without any draw. Im sorry guys, but even I can understand it, and English is just my second language.

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