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Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 30/12/20, 11:42pm »
Me too.  However I have only beaten Tham Map the once in all the matches I have played against this talented player.  Guess what Tham Map did in that specific game - yep -  put his village against a mountain and could not catch me.  So I can say that I won but it was by default rather than my judgement !!!!!! ROFL

Maybe that is Than's idea of charity: once in a (long) while, he plays against a much lower ranked player and makes a deliberate error, to give the rest of the community a sense of hope. ;)

(Still waiting for it to be my turn to benefit from his munificence tho...)

For me, 3, 4 and 5 are all annoying enough that I will keep the sound turned off despite the benefits of 1.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 17/12/20, 03:23am »
I've taught several games on here (including Cartographers, where you do need a bit more time to think) to someone who is very far from a hardcore gamer. Never once were we timed out; nor was the experience unpleasantly stressful for him.

You will see elsewhere in the forum that many people find the two minute wait with a human opponent to be unbearably slow.

Maybe the answer is to have a faster regular game against human opponents, but give the option of a 'training' game, as some other sites do, where the timer is turned off and the results do not affect rankings. (Of course there would be nothing to stop anyone using 'training' mode forever if they preferred relaxed play.)

As for the original question, I nearly always prefer humans for the unpredictability of play, and friendly chat among Carto players, but sometimes just want to be unsociable!

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 28/11/20, 07:09pm »
Oops! Well spotted!

I obviously was too excited to see straight.

Cartographers / Re: Time controls
« on: 25/11/20, 06:50pm »
That's why the option to play fast/relaxed or with/without time controls would be great.

Some other game sites offer something along those lines.

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 24/11/20, 02:59am »
I just got 10 rows and only needed one more square for the 11th.

And I am especially proud of myself as I REALLY dislike this edict.

Cartographers / Re: Time controls
« on: 23/11/20, 07:19pm »
I posted about this before elsewhere.

I agree, and don't just think it applies to competitive play. Anyone who has played against someone who agonises for more than a minute for almost every move in Lost Cities or Finito knows there is nothing fun in a casual game about an ultra-slow opponent.

The alternative would be for players to have the option of selecting a 'relaxed' or 'fast' game when setting up a table.

Just happened again, a little after 4pm UK time.

My internet cut out for approx 3 seconds, due to a power fluctuation. My computer reconnected once the modem was back online, but I kept getting in-game error messages that the HM server could not re-establish a connection. Then tried refreshing (well within the disconnection time limit) ... and the game had terminated.

If it does, I haven't registered,partly because I have recently been playing in two different time zones.

Should we beware of 5.13am UK time? Does your server have a quick nap then?

I am also getting increasingly frustrated over this issue.

Three times in the past week, I have 'lost' to a much lower-ranked player I was winning against, only because of server issues. In the last of these instances, I was briefly disconnected and reconnected, then my opponent had connection issues and timed out, but still I forfeited the match, which was even more galling.

(It also seems that refreshng the page, even after just a few seconds, sometimes triggers match termination.Is this a bug?)

Guest 202382 thinks this is a trivial matter, but presumably HM only measures rankings and winning streaks because a significant number of players DO care about these things.

I certainly find it disheartening to lose all the ground I have gained through several hard-fought victories because of a brief server issue.

It has got to the point where I hesitate to play against much lower-ranked players, not because I fear losing, but because I fear the penalty if the game is terminated.

Please, please do something about this problem, either reinstating ranking points lost due to server issues or allowing a little longer for players to return. (If I can wait 2 minutes for my opponent to consider a move, surely she could wait 2 minutes for me to reconnect?)

Happy Meeple community / Re: Extend Time to Join a Game
« on: 13/11/20, 08:12pm »
I also mostly want to play against another human, but I think a minority of players do not feel this way (e.g. the people who repeatedly open a table accessible by link only and then opt to play against a bot once the waiting time has expired). And I think in the main the players who only wait 10 seconds are probably not that keen to play against a human opponent: I tend to wait a lot longer than that if I am hoping for another human player to join me.

So while I share your frustration on just missing out on a game sometimes when I click a second too late, I don't know how popular your suggested feature would be.

It has only happened once to me, but I don't use that button often.

I thought it was just because my opponent was a guest who had joined via a link, rather than a user with a HM account.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 30/10/20, 07:09am »
In games that 'should' be fast, like Lost Cities and Finito, there is a tiny minority of players who tend to play really slowly.I would LOVE the opportunity either to click 'never match me with this player again' or to choose between 'fast' and 'slow' play when opening a table (e.g. 1 min per turn/2 mins per turn, or better still a total time allowed for all of each player's moves).

I realise all of the above would probably create some coding difficulties, but it would be SO nice. Filtering out extremely slow players is much more of a priority for me than  filtering by ranking.

Waiting occasionally while someone thinks is fine, but when almost every action by my opponent takes more than a minute, the game ceases to be fun for me. Not sure if others find it as frustrating as I do...


If this was a deliberate effort to cheat and raise one's rank it would be dealt with appropriately.

I know nothing about Mocha, but I do remember another player said some time ago (in the inn, I think) they frequently play themselves using another name. And there seemed to be no punishment, or even a comment from admin that this is unacceptable. I was actually quite shocked.

Maybe there needs to be a prominent note reminding users that this is prohibited?

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers rankings
« on: 12/10/20, 09:16am »
That makes sense. Thanks.

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