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Support for those who suffer


Jimmy V.:
Behind the horrible situation in Ukraine, it is democracy and freedom that is under attack.

We would like to express our support and solidarity for the Ukrainian people who suffer from the atrocious attack on their country. Ukrainian people are needlessly dying right now. It is feared that the situation may escalate further in the coming days, the fierce resistance of Ukraine possibly leading the Russian dictator to even more atrocities (which unfortunately he has proven many times to be capable of).

We sincerely hope that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible.

We would also like to express our support for the Russian people who suffer from an odious government. They cannot demonstrate against war (they are put in jail by police). They cannot know the truth (Facebook and Twitter are now closed in Russia and lying state media are not even permitted to use the word war). They cannot vote for opposition parties as these are harassed (and their leader poisoned). The money generated by the economy is stolen by a few. The Russian people already suffer now and will soon suffer more heavily from the war (thousands of young Russian soldiers already died sent as cannon fodder and economic sanctions will hurt the poorest the most with the currency, the Ruble soon worth very little).

At Happy Meeple, we value respect between citizens of the world more than anything else.

We sincerely hope that the free world will prevail over a few mad men.

Luciano B.:

Play games, not war!

Stephanie E.:
Well said Jimmy.

Jeff W.:
100% agreed.


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