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Facebook Login is bugged, please figure out and fix


Guest 126516 :
Trying to log in via Facebook is not working. This has happened before. Please try and fix it asap :) Thanks!

Jimmy V.:

Thanks for reporting the problem!

Can you let me know exactly what happens? Do you see the small (login) page from Facebook? When does the bug happen exactly? Any specific error message?

How often does this happen?

Do you know you can login via the standard account when this happens? You should have received a password via email when you registered. And you can also change this password in the settings (once you are logged). Finally you can also ask for a new password by clicking on the link "Forgotten password?". All you need is to provide the same email address as the one from your Facebook account.

Thanks again!

It may happen that Facebook login is down. Which obviously is out of reach for us.

Jana P.:
As to what happens, it says please wait under the Facebook meeple and then never changes from that. It's happened four or five times, but today it's working. Doesn't happen at any specific time, just off and on. Sorry not able to provide more then that.

Jimmy V.:
Is anybody else experiencing the same? Do you sometimes see "Please wait" below the Facebook meeple and nothing happens?


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