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2-game ratings? Do you care?

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Michel G.:
No, I think that you can go ahead and delete it.

Romana S.:
I don't even know what they are, so I guess you have my vote to delete them also  :)

Tim B.:
I am guessing that 2-game rankings were removed some time ago but I like the fact that there are still rankings for "best 3 games" and "all games".  It was the former that first motivated me to expand beyond the games I already played well.  However, because some games seem to have much higher (absolute) ratings than others, I might have preferred to see overall rankings based on relative position/rank (e.g. 1st + 2nd + 7th = 10, where low is better) rather than average rating.

Jordan H.:
I can't get into the game, can someone help me start it? Or any website that can be played?


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