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Steve H.:
Yes I think I understand, though I can't think of a better word for the concept.
I identify promising campaigns (i.e. I have dollars and some high value stones) and then give them more time to improve, even if it means taking a loss on some delaying campaigns.
I used only do 4 campaigns, expecting them all to be in profit. Now, I often do 5 with two at a loss

Lena H.:
It is all about rythm and luck I guess... I try to start as low as possible, obviously. But if I haven't got any cards lower than 3 I won't place them. I prefer to take my time and place lower numbers. When there are 10 or less cards left I try to place more down, but I still try to keep an eye out for the opponent - if he catches up for example I will try to finish sooner by drawing more cards.

I love how such a simple game can be played with different strategies while also being partly linked to luck.

Florian K.:
Tempo is indeed very important. I like how sometimes you feel confident with your cards, but you end up not being able to place them all, or you get the smallest cards at the end...
I definitely like to read about your game plans!


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