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Except I didn't actually CLICK the last card in line. I clicked the card next card in line, you know, the one with the arrow pointing to it? Which is why I reported it as a bug. But apparently the standard response to someone reporting a bug is for the community to tell the bug reporter that they're an idiot who doesn't know how to play a simple game. What wonderful and "helpful" people.

It's not a bug. You have to move clockwise when choosing cards. If you pick the "next" card counterclockwise, you actually picked the last card in line and skipped all other cards. Your opponent has to take all cards you skipped.

I'm not a moron, thanks. I'm well aware that play proceeds clockwise around the circle of cards. If I had played the card counterclockwise to the open space in the circle, that wouldn't be playing the next would be playing the last card.

Yeah...I'm not an idiot. I didn't choose the next card counterclockwise. I chose the next card in sequence, clockwise. The one with an arrow pointing to it indicating it was the next card to choose.

The past two games of Circle the Wagons I've played, after I select the next card in line, my AI opponent has then proceeded to play every remaining card on the table as if I'd skipped every remaining card to play the last one in line. Super frustrating to lose a game because the system cheats.

I've finished the Raging Bulls Shed Training multiple times, isolating all bulls, and selecting the bull shed. The game then tells me, "Challenge Failed! Shed not built. undefined." I don't know WTF that means. I picked a shed. I finished the challenge. There's absolutely no reason the PoS should be telling me the challenge failed.

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