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Jimmy V.:
Lost Cities and its sequels Keltis, Lost Cities the board game and many others have a long history. Let me quickly recount it!

Lost Cities is the first of the series. You certainly know this masterpiece as it is available on Happy Meeple for you to play online with bots or humans (old or new friends?). It was published in 1999. It is stricly a 2-player game although a variant for 4 players exists (you need two games for that).

Then Keltis came. It received the most prestigious board game award in the world, the "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year) in Germany in 2008. An american version quickly followed but instead of being Keltis also there, it was rethemed with some minor rules changes into Lost Cities the board game, thus benefiting from the name of its predecessor. Not surprizingly, both games have similar reviews. Some people prefer one over the other. But it is a matter of taste really. They are both good family games in the spirit of the original Lost Cities. The main differences are that you can play them up to 4 players, that series of cards can go up or down instead of only up and that players move tokens on a board and collect various bonuses along the way.

The series is a huge success and not surprizingly, many spinoffs came after that. I won't list them all. You can play Keltis the card game and Keltis Ór online on Happy Meeple (exclusively on our platform).

In my opinion, the other (unnamed) games of the series are less interesting that the games that I have listed above.

You can read a bit more about the Lost Cities / Keltis series . I also commented at the bottom of that page with some extra information.


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