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Matej J.:
Good evening

Apologies if this was mentioned earlier, but recently Lost cities started "freezing" in the middle od the game. It happens when I play the card, but the game does not register it. The clock stops, and I'm stuck with standard message saying that I should play or discard.

So far it only happened when playing with bots, but it is still frustrating because of loss of points (and loss of gold because it obviously breaks winning streak, but I'm not really fussed about that). It happened twice in a row tonight, whilst I was in a good position too :-)

Is there anything that could be done about it, as I really enjoy playing Lost cities? :)

Matej J.

Jimmy V.:
Hi Matej,

Sorry to hear about your issues.

I have seen a few users complaining about freezes lately. But ours statistics do not show any increase in the frequency of unfinished games.

So I am afraid that without more information I can't do much.

Have a look at your connection indicator (is is green?) when problems arise!

Thanks for reporting it! Very much appreciated.


Matej J.:
Hi Nicolas
It just happened again, and the indicator was green. Again it happened just after I played my card, but the system kept displaying message about Phase 1.
Is there any other information that you'd need?

Thanks for such a quick response!

Jimmy V.:
I will see if I can find something wrong in the logs.

After the platform is updated today.

Jimmy V.:
Dear Matej,

I had a look at the log last week and found that your browser kept resending your move (as it was not receiving an acknowledgement of receipt from the server who was not receiving anything as it happens). In the meantime, the fact that I received the logs makes me think that you were still connected to the Internet.

So it is very likely that the issue lies in the communication with the program that deals with games and moves. It seems to be freezing for some reason. I am currently trying a new protocol to exchange moves with the server: websockets. I have already this working on my development machine and am now looking at it on the remote environment. When this works, I will try to launch it online for you all and hopefully, this will improve the communication and not raise new issues.

Thanks for posting!


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