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Glitch in scoring for Lost Cities?


Thomas W.:
There is very definitely a problem with scoring in Lost Cities. In the game I just played I had in Red:


The computer gave me 100 points. This is definitely incorrect. the numbers total 40. 40x4= 160.
160 plus the 20 point bonus is 180. The program shorted me by 80 points! (I did win anyway however :)

Are you aware of this glitch?

Jimmy V.:
You forgot the 20 points cost of the expedition. Multiplied by 4, that's your missing 80 points.


PS: someone raised exactly the same issue a few weeks ago... So it must be a common error.

Thomas W.:
Oh yeah.....That. (Feeling stupid right now.) It seems the "glitch" is in my brain :)

Thank you very much for responding, though.

 Ahhhh, my missing 80 points! How I will miss them, wherever they may be!


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