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Houses and King's favours feedback

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Geraldine M.:
I'm not really sure how to use the King's favours to customise my houses. I tried both clicking on the house once it was built and clicking on the favour icon, but nothing happened. Then I thought the castle might have a way to 'build' an improvement, but no.

Not sure what else to try.

Jimmy V.:
That's weird. Clicking on the house (or any other building/improvement for that matter) should pop up the building menu.

The house menu has "Move" and "Customize" options.

What system are you on Geraldine? Maybe you need to click on the house twice? Or click at the exact spot?

Geraldine M.:
I'm using IE.

If I hover over any of my other buildings, a darker circle appears and I get the option to select, move them, etc. But nothing happens with the new houses.

Jimmy V.:
Hi Geraldine,

I have just tried emulating IE10 (which I think you use) on my machine. Unfortunately, I have been unable to replicate the issue.

Just for the sake of accuracy, you don't need to hover on the buildings but to click on them to get access to the options.

I don't know how to help you. Has anyone else seen the issue? Any IE user around?


Mike M.:
I don't know what is in the works... or how hard this would be to implement, but I'd like to one day see more 'customization' options for your village.  I found it exciting at first, but it has lost its luster.  Maybe seasonal items to add with points (Halloween, Christmas)?  Or other trivial buildings that you 'unlock' by hitting certain game achievements. Say the Black 6 meeple for each game earns you a pond, park, pub, etc.  (One per game) 


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