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Houses and King's favours feedback

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Marcus O.:
A few more Customization ideas:

Combining two house (on one plot) into one house, combining the the fence portions, etc.  This will help to make things look less "cluttered".

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for the input!

Alex B.:
Maybe as a nod to board game history we could trade in 4 (fully tricked out?) houses for hotels or some other structures?

Jimmy V.:
I am glad to read some interest about the map decoration in the last few days.

I am not particularly a fan of the reference to Monopoly in itself (after all, we are supposed not to like Monopoly as modern board gamers), but I like the idea of upgrading houses to something bigger. It would make the map less crowded. Some players certainly have a lot of houses by now. The chances of this happening are slim though at least in the short term.

More likely, we'll add more ways to decorate (tree lines, fence lines on the road locations for example). That's easier done.

Hopefully, we'll also soon find a way to let you see each other's map and share it to the world too. This is a feature that I have been wanting for ages.

I've wanted to see others' boards and share mine, too! And I really look forward to being able to upgrade houses further! Maybe add a second story, and maybe even a bridge between them!


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