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Cartographers / Cartographers rankings
« on: 12/10/20, 06:25am »
Are the ELO ranking changes weighted differently for this game?

I know we are getting +6 points for the first 20 games, but I mean something different.

For example, I just lost to someone with a ranking over 400 points ahead of mine, and my ranking was reduced by over 8 points as a result (which presumably means that my ranking would have dropped over 14 points without the 6-point bump). But in other games, like Lost Cities, when the starting rankings are very different, the penalty for the weaker player losing seems much smaller.

Please note I'm not complaining at all about my ranking. I'm just very confused about how it is being calculated.

I'm currently on the 3-spot meeple in Finito. To progress to the 4-spot meeple, I would need a ranking of 1650 or above... which the last few times I've checked, would require me to be in the top 10 of all players.

I understand that top rankings are very different in different games, but I think the meeple requirements should take account of this better.

It's not just about the satisfaction of gaining new meeples: in other games, the number of meeple spots can give an opponent a rough idea of your experience and skill level, but it's quite misleading in Finito.

Ignore the question above. Once we started playing, I discovered that you can hover the cursor over symbols to see what they are intended to represent.

We all enjoyed playing and would definitely try it again.

My only minor criticism would be that some of the difficulty levels assigned to target words seem a bit random.

Hi, interesting-looking game. Kind of a cross between French Toast and Concept, to me at least.

I hope to try it with my online game group this weekend.

One question:is there a list of what the symbols are intended to represent (e.g. protection), or is figuring that out/assigning your own meanings part of the fun?

Personally, I find bumping just as annoying as profanity.

But I do think it would be good to have a list of unacceptable posting behaviours, accessible to any user, and to give one warning before suspension of posting rights if the violation was not malicious.

The usual English expression you are looking for is just 'whole number'. So scores are rounded up on screen to the nearest whole number.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 29/02/20, 10:40pm »
I note here a few feature requests that were discussed recently.

1) Be able to report a player and never be matched with them again

Yes, sadly we need this for the tiny number of offensive players on this site.

I just had a different opponent, Stefan R., use racist language to me when I beat him.

I find it amazing that this site, which promotes itself as a HAPPY, friendly gaming site (and generally is) doesn't care enough to do anything about this problem.

We should be able to send a screenshot of offensive language and then have you delete the user immediately. And we should have the option to block any user we are uncomfortable playing with from appearing in future games.

@Jeff: Perhaps you misunderstood me, or perhaps we have very different ideas of 'fun'!

To me, HAVING to keep playing in order to combat the inactivity penalty of 150 points is not the same as WANTING to play more, e.g. in order to improve one's position to a higher rank than previously achieved.

If success comes too quickly, and then a new player finds themselves slipping back down the rankings, because their initial position did not reflect their performance, but was just the product of an 'encouraging' algorithm, I don't think that will be motivating at all.

But I guess different kinds of motivation appeal to different players, so I can't speak for everyone.

Not sure I agree with this thinking about advancing new players much more quickly making everything more fun.

For example, the current leader on the Lost Cities board is a very new player, who has plaed many fewer matches than other people in the Top 10.

1. I feel that this devalues the efforts of the others, who have had to work much harder to get - and remain - where they are.

2. I wonder where the fun/incentive is for that player now? The only way for them to go in that game now is down.

(Full disclosure: I am one of those other Top 10 players, but I am really not saying this in a 'Promote me!' way.When I was new, I would not have wanted to soar too quickly, and am happy to inch my way up now.)

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 09/02/18, 08:07am »
As we have quite a few multilingual players here, what about allowing multiple language flags?

(I noticed in the Spanish forum someone was saying she was worried she was the only Spanish speaker: if she had been looking for those who are reasonably fluent, not just thiose for whom Spanish is a first language, she would have had more options.)

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL: Daily Quests
« on: 08/02/18, 04:28am »
OK, thanks.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 07/02/18, 11:30am »
I find it very distracting having popups telling me about new messages at the inn while I am playing. I understand some people might want these if they are looking out for a friend, but the ability to toggle them off would be great.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL: Daily Quests
« on: 07/02/18, 11:20am »
I don't even know what the benefit of completing a daily quest is, although I have completed some more or less by accident.

I'm using IE.

If I hover over any of my other buildings, a darker circle appears and I get the option to select, move them, etc. But nothing happens with the new houses.

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