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That would be a more valid test if it never worked in this one. As noted sometimes it does. However when I have time I can certainly try doing a stint in another browser and see if the inconsistency disappears in either direction.

UPDT: I should have added, in my viewing it appears to depend on where the 'partner page' is dropped. Sometimes it is dropped lower under the button, other times atop the button.

Lost Cities / Accidental Discards
« on: 15/04/17, 01:24pm »
Maybe it's just me  ;)  but I've found it easy to misplace a card every so often... so many blinking placeholders. It would be nice if we could retrieve an accidental discard at least as part of the standard 'take a card' at end of turn.

Happy Meeple community / Popup for Get Your Nice Reward
« on: 15/04/17, 11:31am »
The popup window has a button to push after XX seconds countdown to get your reward. Much of the time the button is almost entirely obscured by the partner page dropped on it.

See example, popup page on top with smidgen of button visible:

(p.s. I tried to use the built-in Attach facility here however the post Preview did not display the image and found no further details in help or wiki. I've used such facilities elsewhere without issue.)(updt. Apparently the post Preview button doesn't display the image on this forum, I discovered.)

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