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For me the pulsating white everywhere is brighter than I would prefer. In the tutorial or even early training it might have been helpful, but once the game is understood I need to focus on the cards at hand, mine and theirs, and all the pulsating is distracting from that.

Yes, it does seem to be fixed. Thank you.  :)

This sounds perhaps related to another issue I noticed last night... the new bonus card not reappearing for an unusually long time.

Yes, it's counting the number of shields (achievements), we agree. And that doesn't seem entirely unreasonable only because the "Bot Challenge" also counts the number of shields, for lack of a more suitable method.

However it's jarring when the messages we see most often highlight the number of wins, not shields. And the shields display the number of wins as well. And the help text for Longest Series says it is for the number of successive wins.

The designer may have made the best choice under the circumstances. I even think it was rather clever. Yet it doesn't make it less confusing when the screen shows my "Longest Series" as 6 of 8 while two other areas of the screen tell me it's already 8.

Hello. On the Achievements page it appears the "Longest Series" counter display numbers may be counting shields displayed instead of "games won in a row".

Shields are not displayed for "1 win in a row" or "2 wins in a row"... the shield display starts at "3 wins in a row". That is just fine, it makes sense.

However I would expect the count displayed to match the "X wins in a row" number.  If my achievement is "8 games won in a row" (out of the maximum 10), it should display the equivalent of "8 wins out of 10 possible wins in a row" which would be 8/10. Instead it displays 6/8, which is a count of the shields displayed and doesn't match related verbiage on the site.

Do I understand this correctly?

The wheat field is clocktime-based, as you noted in the other thread where you posted about it:

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 17/03/18, 11:38am »
Have really been enjoying the bonus cards. It doesn't bother me to be "unlucky", while at the same time it does feel like a nice bonus whenever I get something. Plus you've done a good job having a broad variety of bonuses too. It still feels like a surprise every time.


Fascinating read, thank you so much!!

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 28/02/18, 08:42pm »
A consistent turn order indicator on each game would be the way to go

Lol - I just accidentally proved out my own comment.  8) 

After the above post I went back to play Glastonbury and suddenly wondered if the turn order indicator was supposed to be when the pawn first selected a corner. I suspect it is. I hadn't previously noticed this because I kept looking for something more consistent with the Level X indicator - a fixed marker.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 28/02/18, 08:05pm »
In a Level X thread it was noted:

for Level X, the only game where it has a significant importance, we indicate the first player with (1).

Turn order is quite important in Glastonbury too. I haven't been able to discern a turn order indicator there and it has often been consequential in gameplay. IMO an indicator is definitely needed.

A consistent turn order indicator on each game would be the way to go, whether it's important or not. If we were playing on a tabletop we would always know who goes first.  ;)

(I hadn't noticed the Level X indicator either until that thread last month pointed it out... the font is so small it seemed a speck of monitor dust if anything.)

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Tips
« on: 26/02/18, 05:44pm »
Very interesting Jamie! Thanks for reporting this!

What browser is that?

So far Firefox is the only browser I've used for Happy Meeple that's set to resizable tabs. I've seen it on 3 different versions of Firefox on 2 computers.

Other browsers on those machines are vanilla and default to fixed-size tabs; I see the same title change but it doesn't matter.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Tips
« on: 25/02/18, 11:20pm »
the title of the Happy Meeple tab will blink when a new game starts. So if you are surfing in the same window, you will see that and switch back to Happy Meeple.
The blinking is very helpful, I agree. However the title change on the Happy Meeple tab can be problematic when the browser is set to resize tabs based on the title.

For example, when Glastonbury is about to start the tab title is:

| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   

and then it begins to blink and resizes to the title of

| Let's go! |

and changes titles quickly, back and forth, resizing with each blink and jerking all the browser tabs from side to side, big small big small big small:

| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   
| Let's go! |
| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   
| Let's go! |
| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   
| Let's go! |
| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   
| Let's go! |

I've accidentally closed the Happy Meeple tab trying to click on it, reloaded other tabs trying to click on it, as it quickly resizes and blinks over and over.

You could have it blink and not change the title, or lessen the difference in number of characters, more like:

| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   
| Let's go! - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 | 
| Glastonbury - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   
| Let's go! - Happy Meeple - Match 9999999 |   

Thanks Jeff and Jamie!

Lol. I think so - it read just like Shakespeare!

I hope it did not sound like Shakespeare! I wanted to be understandable. :)

NB: this might be a bad joke. In any case, for a foreigner like me, Shakespeare is just impossible to read.

Hahahaha,  Nope, it was a good joke!  >>>

PS: I tried to use the "they" pronoun. Hopefully, I have done it the correct way. :)

Lol. I think so - it read just like Shakespeare!   ;)

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 08/02/18, 07:05am »
I find it very distracting having popups telling me about new messages at the inn while I am playing. I understand some people might want these if they are looking out for a friend, but the ability to toggle them off would be great.

Good point. Nobody really complained about that, but I was sure this would come up at some point. Anyone else annoyed by this?

It wasn't really a complaint
but I'd noted that the popups were overlaying gameplay after they'd been repositioned. Agree that a toggle option would be nice. They can become irritating at times.

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