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Keltis the card game / Strategy?
« on: 03/02/22, 01:49pm »
Is this game mainly luck of the draw or is there some strategy I am missing? I have played maybe a hundred games over the last couple of weeks (training only) and most games by now I may lose occasionally but I win pretty consistently but this game is completely random. I think I am doing pretty good and then look at the score and realize the bot still has twice as many points as me. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to put down and the bot is snatching all my discards and making huge paths. Other times I have lots of stones but no paths, or I concentrate on paths and still lose. I've tried making lots of shorter paths, one or two really long paths, more wishing stones, and it doesn't really seem to matter which strategy I use. What am I missing?

I play in training mode which may be the issue. I've unlocked up to the blue bot in the games I am playing but cannot seem to get any further no matter how many games I play. It says you don't have to pay to unlock them (although I did in a couple of games) but ?? I see the "fast way" (which says I won 0/1 and I don't know what that refers to since I've won several games) and the slow way (which says I have 0% experience). It's OK, I can just keep playing the same 3 or 4 but I don't understand how it's supposed to work.

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