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Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 31/10/20, 12:47am »
well, I really want to join the tournament, sadly it was too late :(

Me too..
So, are we waiting for the next time? ;)

Risky Fishing / Re: Risky Fishing development
« on: 09/03/20, 12:01am »
hi! can I test? :)

Well, Mike, it is hard to know what our players really want. Not everyone is interested in the meta-game. And I can't see much discussion about it in the inn chat or in the forum. So do players really care about achievements and world customization.

As an example, the last big improvement in the world was the introduction of customizable houses as well as daily quests to earn king's favours. But do players really care? I would tend to think that it is a waste of time to develop the meta-game a lot with so little feedback from the players that they enjoy it.

the option i was looking for since my beginning on happy meeple was possibility of see the world of other player. i want to see, compare, looking for ideas.. and to show my own world :)
if people can do this, the meta-game will be more interesting, maybe.
or maybe there's this option but I didn't find it?

but I agree - people have different reasons for coming here. and I supose that for the most it's to play, firstly..

I hope you could understand my words :) ..more less ;)

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