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Happy Meeple community / Re: About resignation
« on: 20/01/21, 11:55pm »
Well said.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 20/05/20, 11:30pm »
Congrats Senseidankclam! And thanks Ab A. for putting the whole thing together. We should defiantly do it again sometime.

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji tournament
« on: 02/05/20, 05:24pm »
If anyone playing in the tournament wants to add me as a friend to make it easier to communicate and setup matches here is the link.

EDIT: Here is a guide on how to play a match with a friend.

Step 1
Select the "Inn" button on the main menu

Step 2
From the Inn click on "Hanaminkoji" to open a new table

Step 3
a. Choose "Access to the table is limited"
b. Choose "Selection of friends"
c. Choose the friend(s) you wish to play with
d. Click on "Open table" to open a private table

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