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Opponent swearing at me and insulting me during a game. What are my options?

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Alex B.:
I mean, I won't play with Britany B. again because I don't particularly like being insulted and sworn at while playing games, but is there something else I should be doing, like using a report function on the dialogue box?  If so, how does that work?

Jimmy V.:
Unfortunately, we don't offer any tool with deal with this on the player's end. You did well by contacting us.
Fortunately, not many of our players behave like this, so the issue is not too frequent.
Have fun!

Geraldine M.:
I just had a different opponent, Stefan R., use racist language to me when I beat him.

I find it amazing that this site, which promotes itself as a HAPPY, friendly gaming site (and generally is) doesn't care enough to do anything about this problem.

We should be able to send a screenshot of offensive language and then have you delete the user immediately. And we should have the option to block any user we are uncomfortable playing with from appearing in future games.

Jimmy V.:
The report feature is now available Geraldine. Click on the player's name to access their profile. Then click the link report at the top-right of the profile page.

We will then deal with it.

Regarding "your" offender, I have dealt with it.

Many thanks for your messages! We do care about this. It is just that it is not completely straight forward to develop the tools (especially not being matched again). What we can do however is make sure that offenders don't do it again.

Thanks again!

Florian K.:
It is quite a challenge to manage those behaviours, and especially if it must be dealt with online... Such a shame that people take those games too seriously instead of just having a fun time.

Thanks to the team for introducing those tools!


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