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Jimmy V.:
Posted by Virginie H. in the chat:

"Perso, j'apprécie de jouer avec les bots, on peut jouer à n'importe quelle heure, mais c'est quand même chouette de pouvoir jouer avec de vrais gens... et le chat est sympa aussi."

Which basically means:

"I like to play bots. They are available at any time of the day. But it is also great to be able to play real(!) humans. And the chat is nice too."

Stephanie E.:
I prefer to play with a person unless I am playing a game for a mental break at work, then I prefer to play a bot because the game is typically faster, and if I get a phone call, I have 10 minutes before I need make a move.

Liallan G.:

--- Quote from: Happy Meeple on 25/01/16, 02:04pm ---The 2 minutes per move should be complimented with a "x minutes per match" timer. But it is easier said than done and most importantly there are many more important things on the to-do list. Unless everyone complains about it of course. And that's what I want to find out!

--- End quote ---
Actually, I would complain if you did add a "x minutes per match" because that's one reason I don't like playing live online.  The two minutes is fairly liberal, so it's nice to have it for when I need it, but my turns are generally much, much faster than that.  I just don't like the pressure of knowing a limit is there.

Which is one reason I prefer bots. I like having more time, and the freedom to get disrupted.  Having the bots is one reason I'll come here. I'm not much fond of playing live blindly online, unless it's a friend. (I've got one who might join.) But there aren't many people here and I don't know anyone... and only once has the system hooked me with a real person. So this is sort of my "I don't have to care about my opponent" place.

(I already play two other places with real people only, but it's turn-based.)

Ionlyplaybots M.:
I prefer bots, so I can rage-quit if my opponent is too cut-throat. (Some of those bots are *ssholes.  I'd hate to go up against a human one.)

Iris S.:
I often play at work, when I catch a shift that is mainly waiting for the phone to ring. In that case I prefer bots. When I play at home and have time to concentrate on the game, I sometimes prefer less predictable humans.


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