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What do all the bot names mean?

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Alex B.:
I know that they are puns, but I only get some of the references.

Ineedto P.:
Which ones do you know?

Alex B.:
Here is my guess on some of them:

Lobotomo = Lobotomy (a surgical procedure on the brain that among other things will reduce one's intelligence).

Botulis = Botulism. A disease caused by a toxin produced by a bacteria.

Botero = ?

Lechebot = ?

Saboteur = a person that sabotages an operation (usually a spy for another side).

Ghbost = Ghost (a spirit of a dead person)

Zombot = Zombie (an animated body of a dead person, sometimes associated with eating the living, especially their brains).

Botiful = Beautiful?

Bot-Dog = Bought dog perhaps?  I don't know.

Botox = A toxin used in plastic surgery.

Botanist = A person that studies plants.

Verboten = A german word meaning "forbidden".

Jimmy V.:
Nice one. I'll help you a bit on that.

Botero was the name of a famous painter and sculptor. I suppose we could have named the bot Bot-Hero instead.

Lechebot is a French word. A l├Ęche-botte is someone who likes to say what people want to hear.

Bot-Dog sounds like Hot-Dog does not it?

Some of the names could be changed for the better I suppose. If you have a nice idea, please let us know!

Alex B.:


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