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Why is there no easy way to forfeit? If the games don't allow us to undo mistaken actions, then there should at least be an easy way to forfeit. This is common in chess. Please give us an option.

I second that. In fact there are various reasons to want to leave, or simply to concede a game. Mis-click is one.

Also, in a game like Siberia or Keltis Or, it is sometimes clear before the end that one cannot win. In Keltis Or in particular, if I can see that there is no way I can still increase my score (I'm at max stones and blocked in each colour), and that my opponent already has a greater score, then there is little point going through tours and tours until the game ends.

Actually that can happen in Lost Cities too.

Jeff M.:
While I've certainly had my share of misclicks, and other times when I know I'm going to lose, I think the easiest way to forfeit is just to close the browser window and start a new game or even better yet just click the back button on the browser.

As a bonus you're at the screen where you might even get to pick a bonus card at the bottom

Yes, but Jeff, sometimes if a game ends that way you can be penalized and have to wait several minutes to play again. It's happened to me.

Jeremy J.:
I agree with the forfeit button.

It would be nice to have but at the same point it would kind of suck to have people forfeit on me as I just enjoy playing the game itself. If I waited for a good bit to have someone just forfeit on me it would be disappointing.
Hopefully everyone playing is just here to have some fun. 


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