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Connection Issue msgs so far only on Lost Cities

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Jamie A.:
Wondering if there is a reason I get so many Connection Issue messages on Lost Cities, and only on Lost Cities... Will take troubleshooting suggestions if there is anything I should be checking.


Jamie A.:
Also it occurs to me... I played as a guest quite a few various games before creating an account. Lost Cities issues existed across 3 browsers and 2 computers and I found/find it unpredictable as to whether it will work just fine or be slow from the start or slow down as I play, even in Training mode. When it occurs I don't seem to be able to 'fix it' with standard things like rebooting, clearing cache, closing other programs, etc. I just have to wait and try again later.

Slowdowns, at least visually, seem to center around the cards flying across the screen.  I don't know how doable this would be programmatically, but if I had the option to turn off the Flying Card animation I would certainly do it. Probably a separate issue from the Connection messages...

Bartholomew .:
I have run into this issue as well. I can't say for sure, but I imagine maybe it has to do with the number of users playing games on the server at a given time. The moderators would have a better understanding of this than me, but that is my hunch.

Jamie A.:
I noticed tonight received the msgs also on LevelX...

Jimmy V.:

Connection issues and slow animations are totally different things. The first one depends on the quality of the Internet between you and our server. The second one depends on your browser and machine.

Regarding connection issues, we don't have bigger rates on specific games. It appears that we display "Connection issue" messages a bit too quickly. We will see if we can make those appear less often. At the moment only a few seconds of lag will trigger the message.

Regarding your browser/machine, it is always helpful to close all your browser windows and restart afresh. Rebooting the machine can also be a good thing sometimes. In any case, if you hear your hard drive for long periods, it is time to do something, a program may be taking most of your resources and it may affect your browser and your game.


PS: we believe that our server is much bigger than we need at the moment. We can absorb much more traffic. So don't hesitate to invite friends, directly or via a table URL (all you need is to share the link to your table and your friends will create an account and join you in a few seconds).


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