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Reciently I am experienting some technical problems in the website and I don't know were report them

Firstly many disconections of the website, even with the green light and you don't realise that you are out until your opponent time is over.

Now, I acceoted the game in the last 5 seconds (I still don't get waht is the Vamos buttom for, why dosen't the game start when both opponents sit on the table?).

We received the cards, my opponent played first but I lost the game because the game was aborted!!! (as if I didn't start the game). How can that happen?

Happy Meeple community / What is the Go for?
« on: 06/04/20, 07:45pm »
Before starting the game (in Spanis Vamos), what's the point?

Why doesn,t the game start directly?

If you don,t want to play with that player or wahterever and you dismiss the game your food is taken away.

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