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Jamie A.:
Hello. On the Achievements page it appears the "Longest Series" counter display numbers may be counting shields displayed instead of "games won in a row".

Shields are not displayed for "1 win in a row" or "2 wins in a row"... the shield display starts at "3 wins in a row". That is just fine, it makes sense.

However I would expect the count displayed to match the "X wins in a row" number.  If my achievement is "8 games won in a row" (out of the maximum 10), it should display the equivalent of "8 wins out of 10 possible wins in a row" which would be 8/10. Instead it displays 6/8, which is a count of the shields displayed and doesn't match related verbiage on the site.

Do I understand this correctly?

Jake W.:
As I understand it, the "X/Y" achievement counters --- for Longest Series as well as every other counter --- count how many of the achievements you have won. Thus this one's right, even if confusing: there are 8 achievements, for series of length 3 to 10, and you've won 6 of them.

Jamie A.:
Yes, it's counting the number of shields (achievements), we agree. And that doesn't seem entirely unreasonable only because the "Bot Challenge" also counts the number of shields, for lack of a more suitable method.

However it's jarring when the messages we see most often highlight the number of wins, not shields. And the shields display the number of wins as well. And the help text for Longest Series says it is for the number of successive wins.

The designer may have made the best choice under the circumstances. I even think it was rather clever. Yet it doesn't make it less confusing when the screen shows my "Longest Series" as 6 of 8 while two other areas of the screen tell me it's already 8.


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