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Woohoo!  The world map screenshots for profiles are working now!  Thank you HappyMeeple!

When I make changes to my world, a screenshot does appear to be automatically taken.  Or I think it does, but that just seems to go into the void somewhere and I haven't figured out what it does beyond making a camera sound.  I would love it if the automatic screenshot of my changes updated a world screenshot on my profile. 

Is the feature available for everyone to put screenshot of their world map on their profile?  Was playing around with it and does not seem to be working but not sure if it's a thing.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Restrict tables by rating
« on: 14/10/20, 07:13pm »
I agree that the rating restriction (if possible) should only be applied for human vs human games

For the rating range, I vote for the option to let player free to create any custom range (option A5?). I would prefer a slide bar (or any feature so that I can easily select the custom range without really have to type in the actual number), or some default options with the choice to remember my last custom range (so that next time I don't have to input the number again).

Just my 2 cents!  ;D ;D ;D

I like these ideas.  Custom range and ability for mouse only input (like slider bar) and remember the previous settings.  The benefit of playing within a custom range is being able to play against player with similar skill level. The close matches seem to be the more interesting ones and this is more likely to happen between players in a similar ratings range.

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 06/10/20, 07:48pm »
I second using the bots in training mode to learn the edicts.  That helped me.

Cartographers / Cartographers
« on: 05/10/20, 11:32pm »
Love the addition of Cartographers game.  It's so much fun!

Thanks!  :)

Got the six spot black meeple for Raging Bulls!  Now working on upping my rank a little more.  So much fun!

Happy Meeple community / Re: chrome lag
« on: 30/09/20, 04:09pm »
I use chrome a lot and I've had no problems with lag.  Are other websites slow/laggy?  It could be it's just more noticeable on happy meeples due to the nature of how we interact with it.  Perhaps the lag is also happening, just less noticeably, on other websites?  Some plug-ins can cause lag.  In particular there are a few anti-virus type plug-ins that can cause it (in which case you could update it or try a different one).  I'd suggest turning off the plug-ins one by one and see if that makes any difference to responsiveness.  Your favorite search engine is your friend here.  Perhaps searching keywords "chrome" and "lag" might yield some good tips for fixing that?  Chrome is so popular that I think if it were a problem with happy meeples and chrome, a LOT of us would be lagging.  However, there's a whole zoo of plug-ins and whatnot in the world which make every browser a little more unique.  I'd suspect a plug-in before any specific website.

Lost Cities / Re: Low Cards, discards and picking up
« on: 30/09/20, 03:55pm »
This is interesting to read others' strategies!  I'm with LenaH, I also don't pick up low cards discards unless I already have a few of those colour.  I'll also sometimes pick up discards near the end of the game to keep the draw pile lasting longer if I have cards I still need to place.

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