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Ranking for Daily Quest Not Working

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Marlene H.:
Jimmy, at the start of each Quest Day, everyone's score drops due to the oldest score falling off, and no one having done the new one.

But for several days now, the top 5 people in the ranks have had a score of 282.    It never drops.
I have completed the daily quest each of these days, and gotten the notification that I completed it.
But my score never goes up.

I can't speak for the entire list, but I'm familiar with the top 5, and none of their scores have gone either up or down.  Normally all of our scores first go down, and then over the course of the day most will go up again.

I'm not sure about the rewards.  for some reason, today, I got the impression that the coins did not go up  BUT I have not checked the coin amount before completing the quest.  So I could be completely wrong about this.  I hope to remember to check it tomorrow.

Thanks for looking into this.

Marlene H.:

--- Quote from: Jimmy V. on 04/10/21, 09:46am ---Thanks Marlene for the heads-up! And sorry for not replying earlier.

Anybody else agreeing?

Today there are 5 people at the top of the ranking. Is it possible that it is always the same 5 people there, players that do all quests every day? Then it would give the impression that nothing changes.


--- End quote ---

Yesterday, or the day before yesterday, Petra (who is another one of the 5 at the top of the quest rankings) also noticed it.
He made a post in the INN chat:

1d Petra S.
Hallo does anyone know why there were no points for the daily quest yesterday and the day before yesterday

Eddy V.:
I agree with the other comments.  Not only are the quest numbers not changing but it also looks like the Rankings page isn't tracking meeples or (I think) wheat counts properly any more. The public profile page and The Daily Meeple announced figures don't match those on the ranking page any more eg my public profile page says 87 meeples, the announcement in The Daily Meeple told me my most recent meeple took me to 87 but the Rankings page still has the count at 84.  The first meeple that didn't add on was one I earned 3 days ago, so I think it is started at the same time as the quest count issue. 

Marlene H.:
It looks like they are up and running again!
Thank you

(But I'm curious, what in the world happened to make them stop?)

Jimmy V.:
We have scheduled tasks (they are called CRONs) that run with a certain frequency (every 10 minute for rankings for example, but some are once a day).

For some technical reason (the server not being able to access https pages any more), all tasks failed. We did not manage to correct the issue fully, but found a workaround.


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