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Help us beta-test Raging Bulls!


Jimmy V.:
Great news!

We are getting close to releasing our next solo game: Raging Bulls.

The game is very nice, very smart and has a nice puzzle feel.

The tutorial is split in about 10 tutorial-missions. On top of these, extra non-mandatory missions are available. Each successful mission awards between 1 and 3 stars.

Once you know all the rules, you can play the game online for rating. If you would like to try this game early, please get in touch at contact at happ...ple.com or use the contact form (pen above the green dice).

We need your help! Thanks in advance for your support!

PS: we plan to release a few more solo games in 2020. Exciting times.

Bouraine M.:
yes i was beta tester in many digital board game


Angel M.:
im interested thanks  :)


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