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Jeff R.:
I don't know what your next game is going to be but I just played this game today called "Welcome to..." and the whole time I was playing it, I couldn't stop thinking about how perfect this game would be for Happy Meeple! Please look into that one as it is a perfect style game for this!

Jimmy V.:
Welcome to... has been under our radar for a long time but we have not had a chance to play it or even read the rules. I was under the impression that it was a bit too complicated for Happy Meeple.

Thanks for the heads up Jeff!

It is also nice reading you think about Happy Meeple when trying new games. :)

Carlos C.:

--- Quote from: Alexandre S. on 22/06/18, 03:06pm ---Actually it seems what I saw from the game I thought about wan't exactly the box itself.
So I'll go with my last thought : is it Circle the Wagons ?

--- End quote ---

Congrats, Alexandre!

Congrats, Alexandre! Well done!


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